Tempurpedic foam and your child

By | July 21, 2018

This is a common question for parents who already have a child, or for those who can retrieve a used mattress from their loved ones. Choosing a mattress for a cot is an important decision for all young parents, concerned about the well-being of their infant but also for the baby himself since he spends many hours sleeping in the first months of his life. To help you see things more clearly and make the best possible decision for your child tempurpedic mattress, here is an important tempurpedic mattress reviewsfor buying baby mattresses.

The important criteria for a baby mattress

The mattress must fit perfectly to the bed in which you place it. There should be no empty space between the edges of the bed and the mattress, to prevent the baby from getting stuck in this space or bumping against the bed frame. We are talking here about a paramount safety measure for your child. The standard size for a cradle is 33 x 73 cm. For a child’s bed, the standard sizes are 60 x 120 cm or 60 x 140 cm.

The choice of the material of the baby mattress is important both in terms of comfort and health of the baby. This will prevent any allergic risk and will reduce the presence of bacteria in the bed. A baby mattress must absolutely be firm (but not hard) and flat to ensure a good physical development of your baby. The upholstery that envelops the mattress can have two sides, one for summer, lighter and breathable, one for winter, thicker and comfortable.

What are the choices available to you?

The classic foam mattresses are soft, quite resistant and are comfortable. In addition to being light, they are often treated against mites or fungi. Latex mattresses are better suited than synthetic latex mattresses. Natural latex prevents allergies and limits the risk of developing bacteria. They are therefore quite practical throughout the year. Tencel mattresses come from the wood of eucalyptus. Very breathable, this type of mattress is ideal for babies who sweat a lot.

Coconut mattresses is the best baby mattress market, accentuates the anti-allergy side of this material. Only downside, they feel a little strong. Wool mattresses are 100% natural, recyclable and very comfortable. Pocket spring mattresses are individually wrapped to create an ideal weight distribution throughout the mattress. They are very resistant and will last in time.