How to Choose the Right Bed?

By | July 21, 2018

The bed is not a furniture accessory like any other. It is what we expect from above all comfort and health, since it must guarantee us rest and well-being every day. The choice of the bed must also take into account six tastes and personal needs, so it is necessary to combine the bedroom furniture and the style chosen for the furniture of the house.

The dimensions of the bed are standard. The double bed is suitable for mattresses of 160 x 190 cm, the one with a pizza and a half is for mattresses with measures of 120 x 190 cm, for the French bed you need a mattress of 140 x 190 cm. As for the bed models, you are really spoiled for choice. It starts from the simplest and most linear ones, to more articulated models.

Best bed to choose

The bed can be a magnificent place or a real threat to the well-being of the back pain. Everything depends on the mattress you choose and where you put the cushions according to your favorite position to dream and rest. On the first front, it should be remembered that the back loves the surfaces a bit ‘rigid, then or you get a mattress with this intrinsic characteristic, or you need to interpose, between mattress and mesh, an axis that reduces the deformability of both.

Bed and Side Sleeping

There are various designs available in any such stores, but before buying any bed you should concern that is it just for sleeping or your best comfort? If it is, then you should see some unique features for your product. If you are facing back pain or shoulder pain, or you are a side sleeper, you must buy your bed accordingly.

The textile bed is considered as best bed for side sleepers. A model made up of a soft structure, a headboard and a wooden slat base. The structure is covered with easily washable fabrics and removable, which can also be combined with the quilt of the same color or pattern. The brass and wrought iron beds are generally indestructible, handcrafted and therefore more expensive. Those with an antique effect, in particular, are subjected to complex waxing and coating processes that increase the price.

Then there are the space-saving solutions, ideal for those with a small home or a mini-apartment. The bedrooms of the children are usually equipped with bridge beds or mezzanine, when there is not much space available. Even bunk beds take up little space, although many people do not consider them comfortable.