The best “Mattress-In-A-Box”

By | July 21, 2018

For the longest time the only way to get a bed was to go on site, test it, and get it sent home or take it home yourself. Now we have the ability to order online, this process can seem iffy for a few, but let’s look into some of the options for buying a mattress online.


If you know what you want, buying a mattress online can seem scary, or even unreliable but it can actually be an amazing trade-off.


A good example is Amazon. They offer a variety of different beds delivered straight to your door! Getting the best mattress can be a click away. The box shows up, if you get something like a memory foam bed (one of the more popular and easier to ship) then you unbox it, and allow it to spring back to a bed-shape. This takes a few hours, but once that’s done you have a perfect bed in your home.


Some perks to this is that you can get sizes that aren’t commonly found on-site locations, such as the California king. A California king bed and frame can both be purchased, where it is hard to find that same size anywhere locally, as it is not a popular choice of size.


When purchasing the best mattress-inquirer online it’s important to always do your research on the place you’re buying it from, trusted sources such as amazon always come with a guarantee, but there are other places that you can trust with all your mattress needs.


There are more expensive options, as amazon is very budget-friendly, but when purchasing a mattress you’ll always want to suit your needs. Helix sleep is one of many options that costs closer to $1,000, but are custom suited to you. They consider things such as height, weight, preferred sleeping position (such as side, back, stomach, etc.), and even has option to customize each side for couples sleeping.


You can find other options at places such as Allswell Home, Layla Mattress, Tuft & Needle, and many more, always check your reviews and remember that buying a mattress doesn’t have to be a chore!